Strategic plan

S. Anselmo, the international university of the Benedictine order in Rome, is thus committed to offering:
• University studies for the baccalaureate in philosophy and theology.
• Post-graduate courses for diplomas, licenses and doctorates with specialisations in:
- Monastic Spiritual Theology>
- Sacred Liturgy
- Sacramental Theology
- History of Theology
- Philosophy of Religion

        Section A - Introduction
  cover   pdf A.1 Preamble
  pdf A.2 Vision and Mission
  pdf A.3 The External Environment and Strategic Imperatives Arising from it
    Section B – Academic Activities
  pdf B.4 Academic Profile
  pdf B.5 Academic curriculum
  pdf B.6 Teaching and Learning Strategy
  pdf B.7 Research and Scholarship
  pdf B.8 Outreach Activities (cultural and spiritual)
    Section C – Support Activities
  pdf C.9 Learning Resources and Information Technology Infrastructure
  pdf C.10 Quality Assurance
  pdf C.11 Marketing
  pdf C.12 Student Support Services
    Section D – Resource Management
  pdf D.13 Organizational Reform and Renewal
  pdf D.14 Financial Resources
  pdf D.15 Human Resources
  pdf D.16 Estate Management
  pdf The actual academic courses
  it Italian version   pdf Organization Chart